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ABAP is considered an important part of SAP, which is the most robust and reliable platform for business applications development. ABAP has been a component of SAP and has helped in the coding of many legacy systems, that can’t be redone in Java so easily. Hence, there are no chances of this programming language, getting replaced with Java (despite all the claims).Moreover the software applications, like ECC, are based on ABAP coding, a type of SAP business suite application.

Job Titles after ABAP:


# SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

ABAP programming is in the core of SAP Development. Hence, these consultants are required for implementation and maintenance of all the SAP modules. They used SAP Standard programming language ABAP, which is behind the development of most of the SAP business applications. Furthermore, these consultants implement SAP software for other organizations. The average salary for an SAP ABAP technical consultant is around INR 4.8 Lakh.


# SAP ABAP Developer

SAP ABAP Developer is known to implement, manage and develop ABAP projects, manage designs, analyze and alter technical designs. These recommendations are made to improve project goals. They also provide functional and technical guidance to other team members. The average salary for ABAP Developer salary is $88,619.


# SAP ABAP Programmer

An ABAP programmer performs tasks related to ABAP programming. He enhances support and implements SAP modules for testing, and debugging. There, the main course of the run is linked with coding, developing, Designing. It manages and tests the programs of SAP modules, coded using SAP ABAP programming language. The average salary for a SAP ABAP Programmer is around 480K INR per year.

More jobs, you can get into, after SAP ABAP are:

  • SAP ABAP Webdynpro Consultant

  • Software Engineer

  • Application Developer

  • SAP ABAP Associate Consultant

  • System Engineer


Life of ABAP is dependent on SAP – Should I fear?

Many people fear that ABAP Programming career is solely dependent on SAP and Java and hence, it will delve lesser opportunities for them. To estimate that the technology will do away with ABAP would be an ingenuous guess, as it is not going to go away soon. In the technological world, working with languages is a left-hand task but as their longevity can’t be defined hence we can rely on them as much as we can.

ABAP is somehow supported by other programming languages like JAVA, and SAP knows how to deal with ever-changing technologies. SAP can undergo a constant shift from one to another programming language. It may expand its branches, just like HANA, which uses ABAP along with SQL, OpenSQL, and JAVA. So, you should not worry about the consequences at all.

Additional Tips

Learning ABAP can give you a perfect career in SAP. However, depending wholly on ABAP would be a risk, as the new technologies like cloud, are covering the core of SAP. So, you can always choose to get training in more than one programming language. As the logical structure remains the same for all, switching from one technology to another is not a tough task.

No doubt, knowledge of ABAP will remain worthwhile if you are considering legacy systems. It is one of the important languages of SAP. Moreover, SAP ABAP certification will definitely benefit you, if you are strengthened with the knowledge of ABAP programming. You have plenty of options to turn around and to work with it.

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